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Reliable Infrared Inspections in Halifax for Commercial and Industrial Purposes

IR technology, or more commonly known as Infrared technology, is a helpful and industry-leading predictive tool used for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings. When it comes to providing effective maintenance and repairs, we at PinPoint Electric in Halifax put our main focus on vibration analysis and ultrasonic inspections. In order to meet the requirements of our vast clientele, we provide infrared inspections for everything except residential projects and offer our service all across Canada. 

We work along with our well-recognized American partner, Pepper Maintenance, to cater to our American clients. If you are looking for professionals to carry out vibration analysis, ultrasonic inspection or infrared thermography in your commercial or industrial project, then don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Want to Book an Inspection?

Our infrared inspections are just a call away!

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